Amber Community is committed to educating the community and raising public awareness about road trauma and how it affects people’s lives.  We do this by positively influencing driver attitudes and behaviours with the aim of reducing crashes and the resulting trauma.

Amber Community delivers a range of educational services that reach more than 7,500 people each year.


Road Trauma Awareness Seminar (RTAS) Program

The RTAS program is delivered in conjunction with the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria to people with traffic offences as part of sentencing options. Anyone within the community who may be engaging in risky driving behaviours, or would like to become more aware of the impacts of road trauma can also attend. The program has been growing for more than ten years and is delivered in 33 locations across Victoria each month — 2023 calendar.

Please read our attendance, cancellation and transfer policies by visiting the Terms and Conditions page.

Drive to Learn
This program is specifically aimed at diverting young people from further entry into the justice system, working with the Children’s Court Youth Diversion Service and Victoria Police. It is currently offered across the state as required. For more information, please contact Chris Harrison, Education Services Manager, on 1300 367 797 or


Workplace Education Programs

Education and wellbeing sessions for the workplace as part of a proactive Occupational Health and Safety Strategy.

Workplace Wellbeing Sessions have been developed for workplaces and their employees to understand the effects of exposure to stressful, distressing and traumatic situations and images. We aim to develop awareness and discuss strategies that will minimise the impact that work has on employee psychological wellbeing. The information presented focuses on being proactive and responsive in your role and still looking after your wellbeing.

We can come to your workplace/unit and run sessions for three hours or up to a full day, depending on your requirements. Other employees and volunteers who could benefit from attending the sessions include tow truck drivers, lawyers, magistrates, healthcare and caseworkers.

The sessions have been specifically designed to help anyone that has been exposed to traumatic and distressing images and content, such as emergency services personnel from the SES, MFB, CFA, ambulance or police. For more information, please contact Chris Harrison, Education Services Manager, on 1300 367 797 or

Workplace Road Safety Program assists organisations serious in supporting their staff to drive more responsibly and safely. The program aims to reduce work-related motor vehicle crashes and other related incidents that impact worker safety, property damage, insurance claims and premiums.


Sporting groups

An opportunity for sporting clubs and community groups to look at road safety with their peers and leaders. The Best Drive Ever program can complement programs such as ‘Good Sports’ and ‘Looking After Your Mates’. For more information, please contact Chris Harrison, Education Services Manager, on 1300 367 797 or


Young people

We have specific programs aimed at young people about driving safely. If you’re a young person wanting to make a difference, teach or work with young people and would like to see this program in your school, youth group or a community organisation. For more information, please contact Chris Harrison, Education Services Manager, on 1300 367 797 or

Program flyers
School Peer to Peer 
Be Safe Road Safe


Information for community groups

We can provide information sessions for a community group, for example, Rotary, Probus and APEX. For more information, please contact Chris Harrison, Education Services Manager, on 1300 367 797  or


Volunteer speakers

Help inspire people to be safer on our roads.

People who have been personally impacted by road trauma play a critical role in raising awareness.

Help promote road safety in your local community.
• Have you been involved in a serious road incident?
• Are you looking to share your story with others in the hope that one less family is impacted by road trauma?

Amber Community delivers local education programs that address the attitudes and behaviours of road users. Volunteers share their personal stories to get the road safety message out into the community and ultimately save lives!

If you have been:
• injured or had a family member/friend injured or die
• first on the scene at a serious road incident
• a witness to a road incident
• a driver involved in a serious road incident
• an emergency service worker attending a road incident
…we would like to speak to you.

Ninety-five per cent of our participants commit to changing the way they approach driving, and our volunteer’s stories play a huge part in that.

“Lifesaving for sure. It has improved my sense of self-worth after our family’s tragic event. It helped me rebuild and re-energised my life to give it meaning and purpose. It has given me opportunities to connect and develop meaningful relationships with like-minded people.”

If you’re interested in volunteering as a speaker, download a position description. For more information, please contact 1300 367 797 or email

For more information on any of our education services, please contact Chris Harrison at or 1300 367 797.