At Amber Community, our commitment to road safety extends to educating the community and raising awareness about the devastating impact of road trauma on people’s lives. Through our education programs, we strive to positively influence driver attitudes and behaviours, ultimately reducing road incidents and the resulting trauma.

Diverse educational services
Our comprehensive range of educational services reaches more than 7,500 people each year. We offer various programs tailored to different groups and needs:

Road Trauma Awareness Seminar program


Road Trauma Awareness Seminar Program

  • Delivered in collaboration with the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria
  • Open to anyone within the community interested in understanding the impacts of road trauma

The program has been growing for more than ten years and is delivered in more than 18 locations across Victoria each month — 2024 calendar.

Please read our attendance, cancellation and transfer policies by visiting the Terms and Conditions page.

Drive to Learn

  • Designed to divert young people from further involvement in the justice system
  • Partnership with the Children’s Court Youth Diversion Service and Victoria Police


Workplace education programs

Focus on education and wellbeing

  • Focus on education and wellbeing sessions for workplaces
  • Aim to minimise the psychological impact of exposure to traumatic situations on employees
  • Suitable for various professionals, including tow truck drivers, lawyers, magistrates, healthcare workers, and caseworkers

Workplace road safety program

  • Assists organisations in promoting responsible and safe driving among their staff
  • Aims to reduce work-related motor vehicle incidents impacting worker safety, property damage, insurance claims, and premiums


Sporting groups

  • Offers the “Best Drive Ever” program for sporting clubs and community groups
  • Complements programs such as ‘Good Sports’ and ‘Looking After Your Mates’


Young people

  • Specific programs targeting young people to promote safe driving
  • Opportunities for young individuals, teachers, and youth group leaders to introduce these programs in schools and community organisations

Program flyers
School Peer to Peer
Be Safe Road Safe

Ngwala Youth Gathering (Road Safety)

Amber Community was honoured to join a fantastic evening at Barrbunin Beek Aboriginal Gathering Place with the Ngwala Youth Gathering for a road safety session in late 2023. Youth, elders, parents, guardians, and community leaders were there to learn and grow. Ceremonial dancers set the stage, inspiring everyone. Artwork was created, and a delicious dinner was shared. A memorable night, deepening our understanding of road trauma and the importance of road safety. Special thanks to Karen, our lived experience volunteer, for sharing her road trauma story. Watch the video below.



Community groups

  • Information sessions available for community groups like Rotary, Probus, and APEX


Volunteer speakers

People who have been personally impacted by road trauma play a critical role in raising awareness.

  • Empower individuals personally impacted by road trauma to inspire safer driving
  • Volunteers share their stories to raise road safety awareness and save lives
  • Join us if you’ve been injured, witnessed an incident, or are an emergency service personnel
  • Ninety-five per cent of participants commit to changing their approach to driving after our programs
  • Volunteers’ stories play a vital role in this transformation

Making a difference together
If you’re interested in volunteering as a speaker, download a position description or contact us for more information.

For inquiries about any of our education services, please reach out to Chris Harrison at or 1300 367 797.