Road trauma Support and information

At Amber Community, we understand the profound impact of road trauma, and are here to provide you with valuable guidance and support.
Explore our range of resources designed to help you navigate the challenges associated with road trauma.

Specialised guides for dealing with road trauma

Our comprehensive guides offer insights, coping strategies, and tools that may help you and your loved ones cope after a road crash. 

Topics include:

Multilingual resources
Our guides are also available in multiple languages to ensure accessibility for a diverse audience:

Support services

Amber Community offers various support options to assist individuals affected by road trauma, including:

  • Grief and loss counselling: Confidential and free counselling
  • Trauma counselling: Confidential and free counselling
  • Road trauma support workshops: Participate in workshops dedicated to coping with road trauma.
  • Facilitated support groups: Join groups where mutual support, respect, and a sense of belonging are encouraged.
  • Community education: Attend information sessions addressing grief and trauma within the community.

Time for Remembering

Every year, Amber Community hosts the “Time for Remembering” ceremony to honour those who have lost their lives, acknowledge the injured, and recognise the broader impact of road trauma on our community. 

This meaningful event is held at Queen’s Hall, Parliament House, Melbourne, on the third Sunday in November. 

For more details, please contact us at 1300 367 797.


Art therapy

Our art therapy group provides a safe and nurturing space for individuals impacted by road trauma. Mutual support, respect, and a sense of belonging are fostered here. Express a wide range of emotions creatively, regardless of your art or craft experience. 

All materials are provided, and you can reach out to our counselling team at 1300 367 797 or complete our enquiry form for more information and to ensure that the group is beneficial for you.