Support and information

Guides for dealing with road trauma

Our specialised guides dealing with the impact of road trauma provide additional information and support and provide some tools that can help you and others cope after a road crash.

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Amber Community facilitates various support options for people affected by road trauma.

These may include:

  • peer support involving personal support from a volunteer who may have been involved in a similar situation
  • bereavement support workshops
  • facilitated support groups
  • community education and information sessions relating to grief and trauma.

Time for Remembering

Our organisation holds the Time for Remembering ceremony each year to remember those who have died, acknowledge those who have been injured, and recognise the impact of road trauma on our wider community.

Held at Queen’s Hall, Parliament House, Melbourne, on the third Sunday in November.

If you want to find out more, please contact 1300 367 797.


Art therapy

The group provides a safe and caring space for people impacted by road trauma. Mutual support, respect and a sense of belonging are encouraged. 

Art therapy provides a creative outlet for group members to express a wide variety of emotions. No art/craft experience or talent is required, and all materials are provided. 

For more information and to ensure the group will be of benefit to you, please contact our counselling team at 1300 367 797 or complete the enquiry form here.