Amber Community:

Road incident support

and education

Amber Community, a not-for-profit organisation, is dedicated to enhancing road incident support and education for the safety and wellbeing of road users.

We provide:

  • Free counselling and support: We provide free counselling and support services to people impacted by road trauma. Whether you’re a bereaved family member, a witness, a driver, or an emergency service personnel affected by a road incident, our team is here to assist you. Our office is open from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.
  • Education programs: We are committed to raising public awareness about road trauma and its profound effects on people’s lives. We aim to positively influence driver attitudes and behaviours to reduce road incidents and associated trauma.

For more information about our programs and services or to schedule an appointment with one of our dedicated counsellors, please contact us via email or by calling 1300 367 797.

What’s happening


Amber Community offers free face-to-face, online or telephone counselling to people affected by a road incident.


A big part of reducing the impact of road trauma is stopping it from happening in the first place – addressing attitudes and behaviours through education.


Volunteers play a significant role within our organisation, with many having personal experience of road trauma and its impact on people’s lives.

Shine a light on road safety walk

Shine a Light on Road Safety

A campaign for Victorians to come together in mutual support, advocate for safer roads and raise funds to support our work.

Time for Remembering

Time for Remembering

An occasion to come together to commemorate loved ones lost and injured on our roads and pay tribute to all who work tirelessly to make our roads safer.

Volunteer lived experience volunteer

Personal Stories

Our volunteers share their stories in the hope of helping and supporting others and changing the attitudes and behaviours of road users.


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