At Amber Community, we are dedicated to improving the lives of those impacted by road trauma and working tirelessly to create safer roads for everyone. Your support is instrumental in helping us achieve this mission. 

When you donate to Amber Community, you become part of a positive change in your community. 

Here’s how your donation makes a difference:

Provide support and counselling

Your contribution allows us to provide essential support, counselling, and information to individuals and families affected by road trauma. The effects of road trauma vary from person to person, and the path to recovery can be challenging. By offering a safe space for individuals to express their feelings and seek professional help, we help in their recovery process.

Educate the community and raise awareness

We are committed to reducing road trauma through innovative education programs that target the attitudes and behaviours of road users. These programs play a vital role in increasing public awareness about road trauma and its far-reaching impacts. Our dedicated volunteers, many of whom have experienced road trauma firsthand, share their personal stories to deliver the road safety message to the community and ultimately save lives.

Each year, over 7,500 Victorians are killed or seriously injured on our roads. Your donation directly contributes to our efforts in reducing deaths and serious injuries.

Donate in memory: honouring loved ones

Honouring the memory of those who have lost their lives on our roads is a meaningful way to show support. We gratefully accept donations in tribute to help us provide assistance to those impacted by road trauma and continue our work toward a safer future for all road users.

Your gift, regardless of its size, makes a significant impact by enabling us to deliver essential support and increase awareness of the importance of road safety education in reducing road trauma.

Wills and bequests: leave a lasting legacy

Remembering us in your will ensures that we can continue to support those affected by road trauma whenever they need us. These legacy gifts empower us to develop strong support and education programs that make a lasting difference.

Changing lives since 1994

Amber Community’s journey began in 1994 when a small group of individuals, directly affected by road trauma, came together to make a change. From these humble beginnings, we have expanded to provide state-wide counselling and road safety education. Today, our dedicated team, including more than 80 percent volunteers, delivers support and education to more than 7,500 people each year.

Your donation is a spark for positive change in your community. Your generosity drives us forward. Amber Community is a registered charity, and all donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible.

We reinvest all funds into our programs, ensuring they are used efficiently and effectively. We rely on the support of our community and can only continue our work thanks to donors like you. You can choose to make a one-off donation or contribute a small monthly amount, providing us with a predictable income that enables us to commit to more support and educational programs. Join us in creating safer roads and supporting road trauma survivors. Donate to support road trauma survivors today.

If you have been personally impacted by road trauma, we are here to offer free information, support, and counselling. Reach out to us at 1300 367 797.

Amber Community is a registered charity, and all donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible.

We reinvest all funds into our programs and work hard to ensure that the resources entrusted to us are used as efficiently and effectively as possible. We rely on community support and can only continue our work thanks to our donors and supporters.

You can make either a one-off donation or choose to give a small amount each month, helping to provide us with a predictable income and allowing us to commit to more support and educational programs.