Find an expert lawyer to help you understand your rights and potential entitlements if you are bereaved or injured in a road incident.

For many people bereaved or seriously injured in a road crash, expert legal advice is crucial. It may help with things like wills, probate, and claims for damages.

The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) in Victoria
In Victoria, the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) operates a no-fault accident compensation scheme. When you register your vehicle, you automatically obtain insurance that covers you in a transport accident for medical and rehabilitation costs and, in some instances, income support. To access these benefits from TAC, you must lodge a claim, which you can do by calling the TAC at 1300 654 329 or visiting their website at

Navigating complex issues
The process of dealing with the TAC and other legal aspects related to road incidents can be overwhelming, and you may want to consider getting legal advice to help navigate these complex issues.

How to find a lawyer
Choosing a lawyer is an important decision.
Generally, we recommend using an accredited specialist who is a lawyer recognised as having additional experience, training, and expertise in a particular area of law.

Our legal partners
At Amber Community, we have partnered with six legal firms that annually contribute $15,000 to $20,000 to contribute to our counselling, support and advocacy services. Below, we have provided the first point of contact at these firms, and they have provided a short bio to share. We understand they will give you an hour consultation at no cost.

The Law Institute of Victoria
The Law Institute of Victoria can also provide a list of all lawyers registered in Victoria at or call 03 9607 9311.

Making the right choice
We understand that finding the right lawyer is crucial. You may want to contact multiple legal professionals to find the person who feels best for you. Rest assured, we do not endorse or recommend a particular person or firm and will not share your details without your consent. Your decision will not impact the support you receive from us.

Belinda Fenn, Nevin Lenne Gross Lawyers

Belinda is a Principal Lawyer working in the Personal Injury department of Nevin Lenne Gross.  Belinda is passionate about helping those who have been impacted by road trauma. Her empathetic approach, attention to detail, timely and accurate advice provides her TAC clients with the personal and professional support they need during what is a difficult and emotional time.

Nevin Lenne Gross is a highly respected regional law firm, who offer expert advice in a variety of areas of law including injury claims, estates, estate disputes, family law, wills, powers of attorney, conveyancing, employment law and business transactions. Nevin Lenne Gross provide cost effective legal services with their number one focus being on the best outcomes for their clients.

T. 02 6024 7955  | E.

Craig Lynch, Slater & Gordon Lawyers
Craig is an experienced transport accident lawyer, having worked at Slater & Gordon since 1997 and has been a long-term supporter of Amber Community. Craig is a personal injury law accredited specialist.

Craig believes that those injured or grieving the loss of a loved one need more than a legal expert. They need a good listener with life experience to guide them through the legal process when they need it most. Craig works closely with Slater & Gordon’s social work team to provide holistic care to his clients. Craig’s clients also have access to the full suite of specialist legal services offered by Slater & Gordon, including superannuation and disability insurance.

T. 0417 050 309 | E.

Michael Constable, Henry Carus + Associates
At Henry Carus + Associates, Michael leads the way in handling TAC claims, demonstrating a deep understanding of the intricate process involved in assisting individuals grappling with the aftermath of road accidents. He takes pride in harmonising his empathetic nature to connect with clients while leveraging his extensive legal acumen toward achieving the compensation deserved.

With over a decade of experience, Michael has represented several clients who have sustained catastrophic injuries in transport accidents, as well as minors or people with a disability who are represented by litigation guardians, which can be challenging and delicate to manage.

Our team understand the pressures faced when life is thrown into turmoil. We provide you with professional, highly effective legal representation when you need it most.

T. 03 9001 1318 |  E.

Tamara Wright, Shine Lawyers
Tamara Wright is the Legal Practice Manager for the Shine Lawyers Melbourne team specialising in transport accidents and work injuries. Tamara emphasises the importance of providing her clients with clear, actionable plans and regular, straightforward updates to ensure they make informed decisions throughout their claim. The goal is to secure the maximum compensation in the shortest time possible.

Shine Lawyers adopts a client-centred approach, highlighted by their specialised Early Assistance Team that offers support to individuals who have recently suffered injuries, ensuring they receive immediate guidance. As one of Australia’s leading litigation law firms, Shine Lawyers has dedicated over 45 years to supporting injured Australians, striving to right wrong and fight for justice.

T. 03 9616 4281 |  E.

Megan Caines, Polaris Lawyers
Megan is a Principal Lawyer and head of the TAC department at Polaris Lawyers. Megan prides herself on her track record of representing injured Victorians, her strong communication skills, and providing straightforward advice to clients. Megan understands that an injury’s impact is different for each person and takes the time to understand each client’s unique story and the physical, emotional, and financial impact of their injury.

Polaris Lawyers is a boutique personal injury law firm combining over 50 years of big firm expertise with the personal service and empathy of a team dedicated to you and your case. Polaris Lawyers was awarded “Law Firm of the Year” at the Australian Law Awards in 2019.

T. 1300 383 825 | E.

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