Policies and Procedures

Feedback and Complaints


Amber Community acknowledges and respects the rights of all people to express their opinion about our work – whether complimentary or critical. We encourage feedback and will respond to complaints in a timely manner.

Amber Community will endeavour to resolve all complaints through its internal feedback and complaints procedure including:

  • a review of the issue of concern
  • discussions with all relevant Amber Community staff
  • a review of internal documentation, policies and procedures, and Amber Community’s legal, regulatory and funding obligations.

Once we’ve completed this internal review, we will respond to you in writing, detailing the steps of the review process and the outcome.

View our Feedback and complaints policy.

Accepting and responding to criticisms and complaints in a timely, honest and respectful manner is central to our mission.

Please provide your feedback by downloading our feedback and complaints form below and emailing it to our Office Manager or CEO.

Privacy Policy


Amber Community is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information held or collected by the organisation in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), which came into effect on 12 March 2014 and are updated from time to time.

Child and young people safety and wellbeing policy


Amber Community is committed to protecting the safety and well-being of children and young people.