Road Trauma Awareness Seminar program

Empowering responsible driving, preventing road trauma

Road Trauma Awareness Seminars (RTAS) are for anyone who would like to increase their awareness of the responsibilities that come with using the road safely, to prevent being involved in road trauma, and address any risky driving behaviours.

Whether you are an individual, sporting club, workplace, organisation or community group, the program can help to embed a culture of road safety in our communities.

Traffic offences

A program for individuals referred by the justice system.

Participants can expect a highly reflective, interactive and engaging experience where they share their driving experiences in a supportive non-judgemental environment. Due to the program’s focus on behaviour change rather than blame participants typically experience a noticeable shift in attitude. They are empowered to make choices toward being a safer road user.

Our volunteer speakers share their unique lived experiences during the seminar, inspiring participants to understand the true and impactful reality of road trauma.

“I feel it will really help me to consider the possible consequences of my decisions on the road and think about the vast amount of different people who are affected by my choices. I will never drink and drive again.”

Workplace road safety transformation

For individuals needing to cultivate safer attitudes and behaviours and increase awareness about safer driving.

Workplaces can refer workers to the program to help support them in driving more responsibly and safely.

Participants often leave the seminars ready to have ongoing conversations with families, friends, and work colleagues and are committed to becoming safer road users.

“I will now respect fellow road users and consider how my decisions may affect others. I am also going to add a physical reminder to my car on how important it is to drive safely.”

Aspiring safer drivers

The seminars are for any individuals who would like to embrace responsible driving habits.

The program is aimed at people who would like to increase their awareness of the responsibilities that come with using the road safely, prevent being involved in road trauma, and address any risky driving behaviours.

“I have made the conscious decision to drive slower, be more considerate to other drivers and be aware of the consequences of reckless driving.”

Program in action

In this video, you can see a Road Trauma Awareness Seminar program with actual participants.

“I really appreciated the facilitators’ patience, and they were very understanding and cautious with all the participants. One thing that stuck with me was the variety of people in the room and how alike we are in some way but from different backgrounds.” 

What to expect in the road trauma awareness seminar

Our program aligns with the Victorian Government’s Safe System approach to improve driver attitudes and behaviours to support safer road user behaviour.

The program includes:
• 2 1/2 hour seminar
• Small groups of 10 participants per seminar statewide
• Interactive, exploring risks and alternatives to current driving practices
• Conversations with people impacted by trauma on our roads
• Helps to reduce illegal driving behaviour and rates of recidivism

“I learned a lot from the seminar. I was very touched by the volunteer who spoke about the ripple effect. It brought it home just what could happen. You just see the number of road deaths on TV, but you don’t see the impact it has on families, drivers and victims. I think it would be a good idea if all people did a seminar before obtaining their licence.”

Road Trauma Awareness Seminar program

Counselling and support services

Amber Community provides free-of-charge counselling, information and peer support programs to more than 3,000 Victorians impacted by road trauma every year.
Counselling is provided to people impacted by transport trauma, irrespective of when the collision occurred. Clients include bereaved families, friends and colleagues; injured people and their carers; drivers and passengers; cyclists and pedestrians; witnesses and emergency service workers.

You do not need a referral to access our services. To make an appointment, please give us a call at 1300 367 797 or complete our convenient enquiry form here. Reach out to us today, and let us support you.