Shine a Light on Road Safety – Highlights


9 years of Shine a Light on Road Safety
$56,206 raised for support, education and advocacy
700 people walked together at Albert Park Lake
3,000 people shared the campaign on social media
2+M people were reached via news stories
4+M people reached


We are committed to speaking up about why road safety is essential.

Maeve Luu was our 2022 campaign ambassador.

16-year-old Maeve Luu’s world changed forever on 6 June 2016. Her father, Louis Luu, was out training for the Melbourne Marathon when a drunk driver hit him. As a result, Louis has a permanent acquired brain injury. Arriving in Australia as a 12-year-old to be reunited with his family displaced by the Vietnam war, Louis spoke little English. He worked extraordinarily hard to graduate from medicine at Melbourne University and open up a General Practice in Footscray. He was fluent in Cantonese, English, Mandarin, and Vietnamese, which was an advantage to a vibrant community full of immigrants from various countries. He helped bring out the best in everybody.

Louis spent six weeks in ICU, two weeks in a neurosurgery ward and six months in ABI rehabilitation. He did come out of the incident alive and made an excellent physical recovery. He can walk and does not require heavy nursing care. While this sounds like a miracle, the same doting marathon running father didn’t come home to his children. Most of the damage was in his frontal lobes—the part of the brain that controls memory, speech and judgement. While Louis looks physically well, the world to him is like one big scrambled jigsaw puzzle that he simply can’t make sense of. He doesn’t know his children’s names or can join conversations. He is alive but remains forever disconnected from his world and everyone that loves him.

Every day Maeve wants her involved and caring father back. But six years down the track, she has now come to terms with the loss. Part of managing her grief is to use her position as a child of road trauma to encourage the wider community to make safer choices on the roads. Louis loved his children and would never have wanted to put his children through the hideous aftermath of road trauma. But it happened, and it should happen again to anybody else’s children. Maeve wants everyone to think about their children and use their love for them as a strong catalyst for change. Because this awareness of how road trauma impacts children will hopefully stop more children from losing a loved one in the manner she did.