In Victoria, more than three billion containers are used annually, yet sadly, many of these containers end up in landfill or littering our local communities. Recognising the urgent need for change, Victoria has introduced the Container Deposit Scheme (CDS), offering a tangible solution to combat waste and promote recycling


Shine a Light on Road Safety

The impact of recycling with purpose

With the introduction of the CDS, Victorians now have the opportunity to not only contribute to environmental sustainability but also support their favourite charity.

When you choose Amber Community as your chosen charity, every eligible container you return through the CDS will help us continue to offer our vital services to the Victorian community.

How you can contribute

There are two simple ways you can make a difference through the CDS.

Recycle responsibly: Collect eligible drink containers and deposit them at your nearest refund point. When receiving your refund, select Amber Community as your chosen charity. By doing so, you not only help the environment but also support the valuable programs offered by Amber Community.

Donate directly: When you choose Amber Community as your charity at any collection point, funds will be deposited directly to support our programs. There are no fees deducted from your donation, ensuring that every contribution goes towards assisting those impacted by road trauma.


Why choose Amber Community?

Amber Community is a registered charity dedicated to making a lasting impact on the Victorian community. Your generous donations support various programs, including free confidential counselling, group therapy programs and community education programs. By choosing to donate through the CDS, you are actively supporting the wellbeing of individuals and families affected by road trauma while also supporting a cleaner, greener future.


Getting involved

Ready to make a difference? Find your nearest collection point here and start recycling with purpose today. You can learn more about the CDS, its benefits and how to register by visiting

Spread the word and encourage your family, friends, school, or sports club to recycle and deposit on behalf of Amber Community. Together, we can create a positive impact on the environment and support those impacted by road trauma.