In 2009, Karen and Mark‘s son Ben was killed in a car crash. There are no words to describe how devastated Ben’s family were, and it came at a time when they were also facing a great deal of stress and worry in their lives. As Karen and Mark said, “our family was in a bad way.”

Karen first contacted the organisation in 2010 when she inquired about becoming a volunteer speaker. We gently told her that we recommended that she waits another 12 months to allow more time to grieve over the loss of their son.

So, in 2011, Karen reconnected with us. She reached out for support and was looking to help her family.

Over the years, Karen has been a volunteer speaker, a regional coordinator and a facilitator for the education program. Mark has supported her every step of the way because even though he didn’t want to talk about Ben in public, supporting Karen by taking her to education programs, training, and other events gave him a purpose. Together, they became involved in many of RTSSV’s activities and became part of our family.

Karen and Mark’s goal has been to help people understand the seriousness of road trauma and the ripple effect of the aftermath. Working with us has also played a significant part in their recovery and grieving process and has allowed them to give back to the community.

Karen and Mark are wonderful examples of how people can connect with RTSSV at many different levels.

It is our privilege to present you both with honorary life membership. We are eternally grateful to you both for all the time you have devoted to RTSSV and your dedication to making a difference.